How to Fix Crepey Skin On Neck For Good [updated Aug 2023]

How to fix crepey skin on neckIf you are reading this article you probably have crepey skin on neck, arms, legs or another part of your body.

We’ll focus on crepey skin on the neck mainly in this article. When someone finally goes to a dermatologist’s office to fix crepey skin on their neck, it is typically a problem that has been bothering them for a very long time.

Some people have been taught and have bought into the idea that this is just what happens when you age. They think there’s nothing that can be done about it.

Those people cannot be any more wrong. The truth is that crepey skin on the neck is a problem that has a few potential solutions.

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Here is how to fix crepey skin on neck.

You might think that to fix crepey skin on neck it is only a surface issue. It’s not, crepey skin is actually skin deep.

What do we mean by skin deep? By skin deep we mean that the look of crepey skin is due to factors that are happening underneath layers of your visible skin.

Specifically crepey skin happens when the collagen layer in the dermis is depleted due to old age. This can lead to a flat and droopy look to the skin. Other elements of the skin are also depleted which takes away the firmness and the volume that is in your skin. This is a textbook getting older problem that none of us like. Don’t feel like you are on a desert island with this skin problem. It happens to millions of people every year.

Luckily modern dermatology has a few solutions:

1) Collagen injection is one of the most popular solutions and restores the collagen that has been lost due to old age and poor health.

2) The second best solution is to use topical creams that can help tighten and firm the skin.

A lot of people will start with the topical cream solution first because you can get a skin tightening cream online. This is the best one we have found at an affordable price.

You can also go to your dermatologist who may be able to give you some prescription creams that work better then over the counter. Your results will depend on the level of crepey skin on your neck. If the cream does not work then collagen injection may be the best bet.

After whatever treatment you choose make sure to limit your exposure to the sun. Make sure to use sunscreen on your neck when in the sun.

Or a better solution is cover your neck completely with a scarf or a buff that is designed to protect your neck.

Give one of these solutions a try to fix crepey skin on neck and you should get some good results.

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