Can Fishing Cause Crepey Skin?

Can Fishing Cause Crepey Skin?Fishermen are in the sun all the time and sometimes ask, “Can fishing cause crepey skin?”. The answer is that it can if you do not protect yourself. One of the main causes of crepey skin is excessive sun exposure with out using sun protection. Some of the main places fishermen get crepey skin is on the neck, legs, arms and hands. Basically where skin is not covered with clothing.  You can avoid crepey skin on your neck, legs, arms and hands by:

  1. Using a sunscreen that provides board area protection on any skin area that is not covered by some sort of clothing. Look for and use broad-spectrum sunscreens. These protect the skin from both UVA and UVB rays and are a must if you want to avoid crepey skin.
  2. Wearing long sleeve fishing shirts or fishing t-shirts. Some people think they will make you hotter in the sun. Have you ever watched a movie with people in the dessert who are completely covered up? They do this because covering up with light colored clothing actually keeps them cooler.
  3. Wearing fishing pants, not shorts. Long pants will keep you cooler and avoid your legs developing crepey skin.
  4. Wear a large brim hat. A baseball fishing hat will do or better a hat specifically designed that has a large bill in the front and back. This will keep the sun off off your face and back of your neck. DO NOT soley repy on the hat to protect you, run rays bounce off water and can reach you. Make sure you have sun screen on as mentioned above.

Can fishing cause crepey skin? Hopefully from reading this article you can see that it can if you do not take care of your skin. Take the advice in this article and you can stay crepey skin free.